How to...

Tips on how to add articles and do other bits and pieces on your Wordpress website and what to think about if you are designing print media for yourself

How to…Create a simple post on your wordpress website

Wordpress is designed for bloggers, and once you know what you’re doing it’s pretty easy. But I understand that it’s a bit daunting when you first set out, so here are the basic instructions for creating and publishing a post.

How to…know your posts from your pages

So, you have a shiny new website designed by someone like Fiona Storey. You have tweeted, facebooked and pinterested it. You now want to add some of your own content. But how do you start?

This is the first of a series of articles in which I will explain how to create posts on your website. In this one I explain the difference between a post and a page.

What’s in a business card

Fiona is a member of the Grapevine networking group in Milton Keynes and one of her 10-minute presentations to members was “What’s in a business card?”. Here is a summary of her talk and the ensuing discussion.   Alot of businesses have business cards. Some are really effective and serve their purpose well, but some […]

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